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The Last Butler opened its doors in February 2015 and for the first time the island of Rhodes gained a "time machine" hangout. Inspired by the 1920s, it travels you to a different era of illegality, banning and, of course, prohibition. Its philosophy is based on discovery, evolution, creation and passion. The staff is trained to serve and meet every requirement by explaining the thought and reason behind each creation and the main purpose is to offer an experience of all senses, based on knowledge and elegance. Its motivation is love for creation, and its goal is proving that entertainment is not a simple task, on the contrary, is one of the most difficult achievements, especially when it’s aimed at quality. But the biggest secret of The Last Butler is that it evolves not only thanks to the love and devotion of its staff, but also thanks to all of you who have believed in it and continue to embrace its rhythms.

Thank you!

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